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How MOVEit Is Likely to Shift Cyber Insurance Calculus

Progress Software plans to collect millions in cyber insurance policy payouts after the MOVEit breaches, which will make getting coverage more expensive and harder to get for everyone else, experts say.

> date : 2023-10-13 22:48:00
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Feds: Beware AvosLocker Ransomware Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

CISA and FBI warn the RaaS provider's affiliates are striking critical industries, with more attacks expected to come from additional ransomware groups in the months ahead.

> date : 2023-10-13 22:25:00
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Security Pros Warn That EU's Vulnerability Disclosure Rule Is Risky

> date : 2023-10-13 21:00:00
> lien :

ShellBot Cracks Linux SSH Servers, Debuts New Evasion Tactic

> date : 2023-10-13 19:42:00
> lien :

Microsoft Debuts AI Bug-Bounty Program, Offers $15K

The goal of the program is to uncover critical or important vulnerabilities within the AI-powered Bing program.

> date : 2023-10-13 19:20:00
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