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New PEAPOD Cyberattack Campaign Targeting Women Political Leaders

> date : 2023-10-13 16:31:00
> lien :

European Union military personnel and political leaders working on gender equality initiatives have emerged as the target of a new campaign that delivers an updated version of RomCom RAT called PEAPOD. Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro attributed the attacks to a threat actor it tracks under the name Void Rabisu, which is also known as Storm-0978, Tropical Scorpius, and UNC2596, and is also [...]

Researchers Unveil ToddyCat's New Set of Tools for Data Exfiltration

> date : 2023-10-13 13:53:00
> lien :

The advanced persistent threat (APT) actor known as ToddyCat has been linked to a new set of malicious tools that are designed for data exfiltration, offering a deeper insight into the hacking crew's tactics and capabilities. The findings come from Kaspersky, which first shed light on the adversary last year, linking it to attacks against high-profile entities in Europe and Asia for nearly three [...]

Ransomware Attacks Double: Are Companies Prepared for 2024's Cyber Threats?

> date : 2023-10-13 13:07:00
> lien :

Ransomware attacks have only increased in sophistication and capabilities over the past year. From new evasion and anti-analysis techniques to stealthier variants coded in new languages, ransomware groups have adapted their tactics to effectively bypass common defense strategies.  Cyble, a renowned cyber threat intelligence company recognized for its research and findings, recently released its  [...]

DarkGate Malware Spreading via Messaging Services Posing as PDF Files

> date : 2023-10-13 12:36:00
> lien :

A piece of malware known as DarkGate has been observed being spread via instant messaging platforms such as Skype and Microsoft Teams. In these attacks, the messaging apps are used to deliver a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) loader script that masquerades as a PDF document, which, when opened, triggers the download and execution of an AutoIt script designed to launch the malware. "It's [...]

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