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Strange kSecReturnRef behavior for passwords on iOS

> date : 2019-06-18 01:13:49
> lien :


 I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. When querying the keychain on iOS, I expected that passing kSecReturnRef as part of a query would return the address of a SecKeychainItem on its own, as an array element or as part of a dictionary, depeding on the parameters, but queries via SecItemCopyMatching always seemed to return nil if only kSecReturnRef was specified.

 I initially suspected that the search was, for some reason, not matching any keys, so I wrote some code to request a result when I was adding a newly created key with SecItemAdd. I saw the same thing. I alt [...]

iOS 13 Certificate Pinning and Encrypted Data Management

> date : 2019-06-18 00:42:48
> lien :

Hi, I am trying to track down the docs for this, but there wasn't a "What's New in iOS Security" session that I could find from last week.  My enterprise utilizes SSL Decryption/Inspection at the firewall, which of course, replaces each certificate with one of our own.  This has worked mostly ok through iOS 12.x, but I am noticing that our iOS 13 test devices are basically failing every SSL transaction now.  Some apps are reporting that the certificate is invalid, others like Safari, are just failing to load any pages. 

 What I'm trying to find out is whether or not certificate pinning is being enforced in iOS 13.  If it [...]

Apple Developer Enterprise Account: Get IMEI & Serial Number of iOS Devices

> date : 2019-06-18 00:42:48
> lien :

We have Apple Developer Enterprise Account and will not publish the app on Appstore. We just need to fetch the Device's Information like IMEI, Serial No. Can anyone help us with it?We found something related to MDM Server. But we are not able to start implementing it. Does anyone know about how to get this data for Enterprise Based Apps in iOS?We know the UDID is the best option but we don't need to implement it. We need to verify few key specifications of the Devices only.We don't have to use UDID. Our's is an Enterprise app. Please look the link:

MacOS: EC public key creation from data failed

> date : 2019-06-18 00:42:48
> lien :

let pubString = "MFYwEAYHKoZIzj0CAQYFK4EEAAoDQgAECDDYmcIpUxC2EVJu8o/qPHPoZMId11A/2nVAXJByFOYSigUnZ6njK4qZQMGxLr3xNND17yYoXZ21QKus4bUHfg=="
let pubData = NSData(base64Encoded: pubString)

let pubRaw = pubData?.bytes.assumingMemoryBound(to: UInt8.self)

let CFPubData = CFDataCreate(nil, pubRaw!, pubData!.length)

let options: [String: Any] = [kSecAttrKeyType as String: kSecAttrKeyTypeEC,
                              kSecAttrKeyClass as String: kSecAtt [...]

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