Dernières alertes de sécurité

Mageia 2023-0287: libX11 security update

> date : 2023-10-14 00:58:00
> lien :

A vulnerability was found in libX11 due to a boundary condition within the _XkbReadKeySyms() function. This flaw allows a local user to trigger an out-of-bounds read error and read the contents of memory on the system. (CVE-2023-43785) [...]

Mageia 2023-0288: the curl security update

> date : 2023-10-14 00:58:00
> lien :

curl/libcurl is vulnerable to a heap buffer overflow in its SOCKS5 support that could be exploited by a remote web server when curl is configured to use a SOCKS5 proxy with remote hostname resolution. libcurl is vulnerable to a cookie injection attack where a local [...]

Mageia 2023-0286: glibc security update

> date : 2023-10-11 23:05:00
> lien :

The updated packages fix a security vulnerability: A buffer overflow was discovered in the GNU C Library's dynamic loader while processing the GLIBC_TUNABLES environment variable. This issue could allow a local attacker to use maliciously crafted [...]

Mageia 2023-0284: cups security update

> date : 2023-10-10 19:23:00
> lien :

The updated packages fix security vulnerabilities: It was discovered that CUPS incorrectly authenticated certain remote requests. A remote attacker could possibly use this issue to obtain recently printed documents. (CVE-2023-32360) [...]

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